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MLIS 206: Collection Management and Development

Noel Cabfilan
Access code required

Collection Management and Development

This course presents an overview of Collection Management and Development. With emphasis on information life cycle, collection development policies, technologies in collection development and management, selection and acquisition, collection development and resourcesharing, budgeting and staffing, records and files management, collection assessment and evaluation including weeding, collection preservation, presentation and critiquing of CDPs from different type of libraries, collection standards for Philippine libraries as set by different accrediting institutions, journal subscription , strengthening local collections, and legal, ethical and challenging issues in collection management and development.

Here is the class outline:

1. Selection and Acquisition

Sep 12

2. Technologies in Collection Management and Development

Sep 12

3. Collection Development Policies

Aug 29

4. Information Life Cycle

Sep 12

5. Introduction to Collection Management and Development

Aug 15
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