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Plant Pathology 210

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  1. Course Content
  2. Lecture
  3. Introduction
  4. Mission, Vision and Goals of the Graduate School 2 hrs
  5. Course requirements
  6. Brief history of the course
  7. Review of the Basic Concepts
  8. General Disease Cycle
  9. The Infection Processes (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Nematodes) 2 hrs
  10. The Host-Parasite Interface
  11. Degradation of Cell Walls by Plant Pathogen 2 hrs
  12. Structure and Chemical Composition of Plant Cell Walls
  13. Enzymes that Degrade Cell Wall Polysaccharides
  14. Degradation of Pectic substances
  15. Degradation of Hemicellulose
  16. Degradation of Cellulose
  17. Production of Cell wall –Degrading Enzymes by Plant Pathogens 2 hrs
  18. Cell Wall-Degrading Enzymes and Plant Pathogenesis
  19.      Phytotoxins and Plant Pathogenesis                                                                                         4 hrs
  20. General Characteristics
  21. Classification
  22. Toxins produced by bacteria
  23. Toxins produced by fungi
  24. Roles of Toxins in Pathogenesis
  25. Host specific toxins and pathogenicity
  26. As initiation factors of successful pathogenesis
  27. As suppressors of defense reaction
  28. As agent of selection pressure
  29. Hormones in Plant Diseases                                                                                                                                2 hrs
  30. Auxins
  31. Ethylene
  32. Cytokinins
  33. Gibberellins
  34. Alterations in Permeability caused by Disease 2 hrs
  35. Composition and structure of membranes
  36. membrane chemistry and function
  37. structure of membranes
  38. Concept of Cell Permeability
  39. Mechanisms of Permeability Changes in Diseased Plants
  40. Photosynthesis as Affected by Infection 4 hrs
  41. An overview of Photosynthesis
  42. Alteration in Diffusion of Carbon Dioxide
  43. Changes in the Reductive Pentose Phosphate Pathway Cycle
  44. Alteration in the Compartmentalization of the Photo-assimilatory system
  45. Changes in the Assimilation of Storage Carbohydrates
  46. Respiration in Diseased Plants 3 hrs
  47. An Overview of Respiration
  48. Disease-Induced Increase in Respiration in Diseased Plants
  49. Mechanisms of Increase in Respiration in Diseased Plants
  50. Water and Mineral Uptake in Diseased Plants 3 hrs
  51. Water and Mineral movement in Plants-An Overview


  1. Water Potential and Disease Severity
  2. Mechanisms of Disease Resistance 3 hrs
  3. Preformed Resistance Factors
  4. Infection-Induced Resistance Factors
  5. Effects of Disease on Reproduction 1hr
  6. Specificity in Plant-Pathogen Interaction 1hr
  7. Selective Plant Toxins
  8. Recognition Phenomenon
  9. Recent Advances in the Study of Plant Disease Pathogenesis 1hr        

                                                                                                                                                                                Total      36 hrs   

Here is the class outline:

1. Disease cycle

Aug 6
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