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Educational Management System, Analysis and Decision

Percyveranda Lubrica
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Course Content

  1.      Management and Managers
    1.        The meaning and functions of management
    2.        Who are the managers
    3.        Style of Management
    4.        Levels of management
    5.        Areas of management
    6.        Evaluation of management
  2.       Management Perspectives/Theories
    1.        Role of Theory and History of management
    2.        Classical perspective
    3.        Behavioral perspective
    4.        Quantitative perspective
    5.        Integrating perspective
    6.        Contingent perspective
    7.        Contemporary management thoughts
  3.       Systems Management Theory
    1.        System Analysis
    2.        Basic tools for system analysis
    3.        Tools for structured systems analysis and design
    4.        Study and design
    5.        Development and organization phase
    6.        Enhancing the systems development life cycle
  4.       Management of Organizations
    1.        Strategic management of organizations
    2.        Management of individuals
    3.        Management of groups
    4.        Management work processes
    5.        Managing change
    6.        Managing conflict
  5.        Decision and decision making
    1.        Decision making theory
    2.        Decision making and effective decision making
    3.        Types of decision making
    4.        Decision making process
    5.        Decision making styles
    6.        Individual decision making
    7.        Group decision making
    8.        Crisis decision making
    9.        Behavioral decision making
    10.    Organizational decision making
  6.        Delegation: The Secret of Executive Excellence
    1.        Delegation and effective delegation
    2.        Benefits derived from delegation
    3.        Guidelines for successful delegation
    4.        Delegation upward, to peers, to subordinates and to experts
    5.        Horizontal and vertical delegation
    6.        When to do it yourself
    7.        Self-rating quiz: how good a delegation are you?

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