Course Outline
I. An Introduction to Philosophy
A. Definition of Philosophy
B. Main Branches of Philosophy
C. Major Philosophies of Education
D. Functions of Philosophies of Education
E. Importance of Philosophy of Education to the Teacher
F. Sources of Philippine Philosophies of Education
G. The Philosophical Orientation of the Philippine Educational System

II Legal Bases of Language Instruction
A. Provisions of the 1987 Constitution
B. Other Legal Bases
C. The Philippine Educational System
D. The Curricula of Philippine Schools

III. The Philosophy of Language
A. An Approach to the Philosophy of Language
B. Twentieth- Century Philosophy of Language
1. Logical Empiricism
2. Ordinary Language Philosophy
C. The Theory of Language
1. Grammatical Theory
2. Semantic Theory
D. Implications for Understanding Conceptual Knowledge
1. Analyticity
2. Semantic categories
3. Innate Ideas
4. Linguistic Analysis